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2011 - Janine Morffew 
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  • What is the Clubman Award ?

  • Simply, it’s a yearly award to be presented to the club member who earns the most points at the end of each calendar year (i.e. 1st January - 31st December).

  • How do you earn points?

  • Easy, there are some preset points available for certain things. Just read the list below.

  • How do I register points?

  • At any event locate a committee member, they will record your attendance.

  • Do I need to bring my dog?

  • No, this competition does not require you to bring you dog.

  • How do I find out about mystery events?

  • Easy, just read through your newsletter, there may be one in this issue.

  • Allocation of Points

  • · Fund raising. Our Overseas Judge Fund is what we are currently raising funds for. Perhaps you could get a chocolate drive going or organise the prize for a newsletter raffle. These will earn you Clubman points but perhaps you have another idea?  80 points if you have one that gives us some money!

    · Research a topic and have your findings published to benefit other members. This will earn you 50 - 100 points. (at the discretion of the Committee)

    · Provide a detailed report, along with photos, about an event or show that you have attended and 80 points will come your way. This obviously includes international members.

    ·  Introduce a new member and you’ll earn 50 points (this includes new puppy owners joined by breeders & don’t forget that the Joining Fee is waived for breeders joining new owners).

     · Submit the photos, results and all other information that is usually published in the newsletter for an overseas show. If the Editor doesn’t need to chase up lots of information, you will receive 50 points per show.

    · Volunteering to promote the breed on an ‘expo’ stand certainly deserves 50 points. This includes the ‘Meet the Breed’ or other equivalent stands that our international members participate in.

    · Send in a ‘happy snap’ or photo of your Mastiff that can be published and earn 20 points.

    ·  Write a note to the Editor that is published and you will be awarded 20 points.

    ·  Send in all the photos that you took at a social or other designated event to earn 20 points.

    · Write a brief report about an event or show that you have attended and 20 points will come your way.

     · Forward a joke, story, news report, historical article, health report or anything else of interest. If it is published, you will receive 20 points. It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure that permission has been granted to reprint and that there is no breach of copyright. The source of the information must be included.

     · Attend the Club’s Championship show, as either an exhibitor or spectator, and you will earn 20 points.

    · Provide dogs for a Trainee Judges’ lecture or seminar. Interstate and international members are included and this could give you 20 points for attending a lecture in your state or country.  

    ·  It is really just another meeting and ‘hum drum’ but we need members to attend the AGM (Annual General Meeting). 20 points for every member that attends the MCOV AGM.

    ·  Attend one of our social events for 10 points. This includes the Christmas Party, Royal Melbourne Show, Melbourne Cup Day Show at Sunbury, as well as any other social events that are arranged and advertised.

    Committee Members who have served for the full year do not enter.