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Reg No A0033051c


Revised August 2010

1.   Objective

1.1.  The Mastiff Club of Victoria requires its members to adhere to the following guidelines that constitute the Code of Ethics.  The Club also requires that members, breeders and stud dog owners not aid or abet the violation of these guidelines by anyone else.  The primary consideration is the development, well being and safety of the Mastiff.

2.   Care and Maintenance of Dogs

2.1.  Members are expected to provide the highest quality care to all Mastiffs that they own, or that are in their possession, for as long as they are in their care.  This includes quality food, water, proper shelter from heat or cold; active companionship, appropriate exercise, and professional veterinary care whenever necessary. They will never abuse, nor knowingly allow abuse of these same Mastiffs.

2.2.  Members are expected to promote good public relations in respect to all Mastiffs in their ownership/control.

2.3.  Members will not allow any Mastiff to be involved in any activity that might bring the breed into disrepute.

2.4.  Members shall ensure that their dogs are always under effective control in public places and shall never be left in the care of unsupervised children. Socialisation is essential and basic obedience training is strongly recommended.

3.   Breeding

3.1.  The primary consideration for breeding shall be to produce stock that conforms as closely as possible to the breed standard. Every effort should be made to reduce the incidence of inherited defects. Eye screening, hip and elbow scoring is strongly recommended.

3.2.  No member shall permit any pure bred Mastiff to be mated to a dog of a different breed, to a cross breed dog or to an unregistered dog of the same breed.

3.3.  When planning a mating, the health and well being of the bitch and stud dog shall be of prime concern.

3.4.  A bitch should not be mated before twenty (20) months of age.

3.5.  A bitch should not be bred from after her sixth (6th birthday)

3.6.  A bitch should not produce more than two (2) litters in a two (2) year period. Any bitch that has whelped, either naturally or via caesarean, more than three (3) puppies in a litter, shall not be mated within a six (6) month period from whelping this litter. 

3.7.  A bitch should have a maximum of three (3) litters during her lifetime.

3.8.  It is the responsibility of the stud dog owner to ensure that they do not provide the service of a stud dog in circumstances that are in contradiction to this code of ethics.

3.9.  Members wishing to undertake a mating which falls outside of the above guidelines must apply in writing to the committee at least one (1) month before the planned mating, citing their reasons, and attaching all relevant documents and a certificate from a licensed veterinarian certifying as to the good health of the bitch. If the committee permits the mating to take place a notice will be published in the first newsletter after the arrival of the litter.  

4.   Transfer of Stock

4.1.  A diet sheet shall be supplied with each dog sold, together with details of any inoculations and medication that the animal has received.

4.2.  Members transferring mastiffs shall supply the client at the time, a signed pedigree and a Canine Association Registration and transfer form. It should be recommended to buyers to microchip and comply with councils registration requirements.

4.3.  Should the breeder wish to impose any conditions or endorsements, written notice of such must be given at the time.

4.4.  Every effort shall be made to place Mastiffs only to responsible persons who are prepared to rear and care for the Mastiff correctly (see care and maintenance) and to give it a permanent home.

4.5.  Mastiffs shall not be sold to or placed with pet shops or dealers, nor be allowed to be given as a prize or donation in a contest of any kind.

4.6.  In the event of an owner being unable to continue to keep a mastiff, the breeder and/or the stud dog owner, should be prepared to take the mastiff or find the mastiff an alternative suitable home. If the breeder cannot be contacted, then the Club should be given the opportunity to re-house the Mastiff.

4.7.  Members selling mastiffs must stipulate that the buyer arrange a veterinary check-up within one (1) week of the sale. If the veterinarian determines that the mastiff is not in good health, the breeder will, upon the mastiff's return, refund the purchase price or replace the mastiff.

4.8.  Members will not sell or place mastiffs for the purpose of attack training, fighting, or any activity detrimental to the breed and its reputation.

4.9.  No member shall knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the breed, nor falsely advertise or mislead any person regarding the performance of any dog.

5.   Behaviour of Members

5.1.  All members should behave with good sportsmanlike manners, both inside and outside the ring.

5.2.  Members shall always observe good sportsmanship and disparaging remarks about fellow members or their stock are to be strongly discouraged. Any member knowingly aiding or abetting any other member to breach the Code of Ethics shall be equally responsible with the offender.

5.3.  Canine Association rules should be followed at all times

5.4.  Advertising should be as factual as possible and, in no way misleading.

5.5.  Before new members are received into the club, this code of ethics must be read and acknowledged by them.

5.6.  Where there is evidence of malpractice or mistreatment of mastiffs, it is the duty of the membership to report such to the Secretary of the Mastiff Club of Victoria Inc., for consideration by the Committee, which, after investigation of the complaint, may consider such matters under the rules.

6.   Compliance

6.1.  Members accused either of a breach of the Code of Ethics, or of aiding and abetting another Member to do so, shall be given particulars of the complaint and advised of the place, date and hour of the Committee Meeting at which the complaint will be considered so that the member can submit a written explanation to the Committee or attend to offer an explanation.