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Membership of the Mastiff Club of Victoria entitles you to participate in all Club activities and competitions.
You will also be entitled, (if you reside in Victoria), to stand for and vote for, positions on the Committee of the Club, therefore becoming actively involved in the management and well-being of Mastiff affairs in Australia.
You will also receive our quarterly, part-colour newsletter, which is full of Mastiff photos, show results, funny stories, information related to Mastiff health issues, and much more.

Membership fees are as indicated on the Application Form

Fees to have your web site linked to this website:    Nil

Fees to have a web-site created for you:

Breeder Members:    $50 per annum   Other members:   $20 per annum

Please note that if you join after the 1st January, the membership fee as detailed on the application form is halved,but other fees remain the same.

Fees to be in the web-site "Photo Gallery"

2 photos and up to 100 words:    $5 per annum