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XMAS 2011

The weather was perfect and the setting picturesque as we all gathered at the Messmate Shelter around 11.30am to set about chatting and relaxing while our companions re-acquainted themselves; some with a view to settle old scores, others to flirt and romance, whilst the remainder were just plain happy to be there. It wasn't long before the BBQ was fired up, drinks were poured and the beautiful bush scents were enhanced by the aroma of appetizing meals being prepared.

After a leisurely lunch it was 'Game On' as the fun developed a competitive edge, laughter rang loud as awards for prestigious titles such as Cutest Bum/ Best Slobberer /Waggliest Tail etc were highly sought after and fiercely contested, all in a sense of merriment and good spirit. The Master of Ceremonies was Paul, ably assisted for judging decisions by Natalie McLennan and Gabrielle. The bags of doggie treats handed out were gratefully appreciated and devoured by the recipients. Thanks so much to Natalie and her brother Patrick who prepared these, as well as treat bags for the kids (and big kids!).

It was wonderful to see all the Mastiffs from the little puppies to the old timers having a ball in a casual environment, just being themselves, happily socialising and reminding us all why we love them so much.

A pleasant stroll around the lake afterwards was an enchanting way to round out a memorable day that passed all too quickly.




Waggiest Tail - Bez enthused by Kale

Cutest Bum - Amba displayed by Patrick

Best Slobberer - CJ encouraged with tasty morsels by Neil Longest Drool - Clinton who really didn't need much help from Emily Most Obedient - Piper obeyed by Rebecca Fastest Eater - Vegas fed by Chris

Cutest BumFastest EaterLongest Drool


XMAS 2010

A small crowd of party goers braved the shocking weather
but the dogs enjoyed it.

Jack & Jess with Zorro, Cinder and Clinton

Jack sufferring hypothermia with Cinder and Winston

Anne Marie, Gabrielle and Janet with CJ and red man

Steve Crouch with Tiffany and Bart

XMAS 2009

XMAS 2007

Reindeer Paddy with Rhys

Paddy, Vegas and Bronx


Bronx and Rhys with his sashes                                          Daphne & Monica