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About Our Club

Aust. Ch Marstenmoor Take A Punt (Paddy)



Yangerdook Take A Trick (Nala)


Application Form

Aust. Ch. Maskhal King Atticus (Freddy)


Code of Ethics

Masafari Sweet Rose (Miss Rosey) & Aust. Ch. Maskhal King Atticus (Freddy)



Aust. Ch. Banphsty Lord Barnabus (Bear)



Aust. Ch. Marstenmoor Crown Oaks (Nell) and puppies


About The Mastiff

Michael Gensburger and Friend

Paul Simmonds with Yangerdook Park Av Style (Petal)

Kingrock Prince Albert (Imp UK) (Alby)

Aust. Ch. Fireshon Rain Song (Tillie)

Yangerdook Upon Thames (Shaggs)

Gwen Dixon with Kingrock Prince Albert (Imp UK) (Alby) and puppy

Aust. Ch. Yangerdook Black Jack

Yangerdook youngsters at the beach

Banphsty Lord Shannon (Willi) and Angus

Marstenmoor Odds R Even (Shadow) with Will Dunlop

Banphsty Lord Shannon (Willi) & Yangerdook PeachesnCream (Peach)

Yangerdook Upon Thames (Shaggs)

Paul Simmonds with Yanoor Tip O The Iceberg (AI) (Clinton) in his cool coat


Origin and History

Aust. Ch. Marstenmoor First Chapta (Mungo)

Marstenmoor First Stanza (Hugo)


Puppy Enquiries

Yanoor Tip O The Iceberg (AI) (Clinton) & Yanoor Ice Maiden (AI) (Patsy)

Banphsty Lord Shannon, Yangerdook Peachesncream, Yanoor Icescapades (AI)

Yangerdook Park Av Style (Petal)

Yangerdook Puppies